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DRY ICE (Solid Carbon Dioxide - CO2)


Dry Ice supplied in pellets, slices and blocks.


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Dry Ice Prices excluding Ice cubes delivery charges..

Please ring or email and include delivery postcode and date for a free quote. Minimum order applies.


Drinks without ice cubes are HORRIBLE!!!!


Dry ice sublimation.


Solid Carbon Dioxide - CO2, is used in a number of different applications. It can be used in laboratories for mechanical cooling and is commonly used to preserve and transport food. Dry ice is sometimes used to make ice cream and even removing warts. Plumbers use dry ice to freeze pipes and in the theatrical world it is used for smoke effects with a fog machine. It can be used to kill underground rodents and insects by freezing and starving animals or insects of oxygen. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans breath out so in some hot countries people holding Bar-B-Q's often place an amount of dry ice away from their party area to lead mosquitoes away from their guests. Dry ice has been use to alter cloud precipitation and is used in industrial cleaning dry blasting. It can also help car repair firms iron out dents in cars.


Dry ice delivered to London Hampshire and Berkshire.

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